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Writings On The Wall – Orchestral Rock and Roll version of Sam Smith’s 007 theme song.

FABULOUS Full-on Band: Rhonda and The Great Unknown  

Date City Venue Country
01/05/16 Woodbridge The Grand Old Duke of York United Kingdom
Time: 7:00pm.

Groovy-Acoustic Duo: Ritchie & Rhonda  

Date City Venue Country
31/07/16 Woodbridge The Grand Old Duke of York United Kingdom
Time: 3:00pm. Admission: FREE.

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More Music
Happy – A slower, groovier version of Happy. This is a more grown-up kind of happiness.

I Think You’re Wonderful – A rock song about someone’s wonderfulness.

Just Me – A rock and roll song inspired from a blog about a 6 month pregnant woman who is battling alcoholism, social services and herself for the future of her unborn child.

Love Bank – A song Ritchie and Rhonda wrote together describing what love is, how to get and keep it by comparing it to currency.

Love Is A Beautiful Thing – Rhonda wrote it, Ritchie composed it and this feel-good-groover is played at nearly all their gigs.

Mercy – It feels familiar at the start and rocks hard at the end. Very satisfying song.

Thank you for taking the time (RATGU)- Written when a fan sent a tweet asking Rhonda to write a love song to her fans everywhere. Folksy-bluesy song about being thankful for real friends.

Thank you for taking the time (With Loose Change Band) – Big band and good time song.

The Letter – An upbeat, fresh take on an old classic.

What Goes Around – Rocking song about the bad end to a non-relationship.

Listen and Buy – Rhonda and the Great Unknown, Debut album

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Get Known Be Heard

In 2011, Rhonda wrote a song everyday, all she had was her songs and her guitar with the website address painted on the front. This was the final song of the project. SONG 365, This Year.



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